Specialty Studios

Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and Engineering are the core of what we do. Through our Architecture and Engineering services we can plan and design a wide range of solutions to fit your needs. We can help you with your project from start to finish by providing a turn-key solution. Our full-service approach enables our clients to continue to what do what they do well, while we do the same on behalf of our clients and their projects.

Design build

Through our strategic partnerships, we assist our contractor partners with a variety of design-build projects. Skilled contracting trades are becoming more and more specialized, therefore communication through well-crafted contract documents is of ever increasing importance. General Contractors rely on our documents to be comprehensive and complete to communicate a well-defined scope of work to their specialty tradesmen and sub-contractors.

Commercial Real Estate Services

We provide services for both the landlord and tenant in the commercial real estate market. Sandbar Architecture assists by providing property managers, leasing agents, and tenants with information that helps them to make intelligent business decisions and maximize the potential of their property. We provide tenants with a usable space plan, with as little as a 48 hour turn around, to help them evaluate whether a space may be suitable to their needs. When a lease has been established between the landlord and tenant, we can provide a turn-key solution to quickly have the space occupied in as little time as possible.

Our management of the building space plan, combined with our intimate knowledge of the standards set by BOMA International, help ensure that the building space is utilized to its highest potential for property managers, landlords and building owners.

Landlords and property managers can take advantage of our base building design services to either create a new asset or reposition an existing asset.


A well-planned church facility is a ministry to the community that it serves. Our firm believes that stewardship in the design process requires thoughtful planning and attention for your congregation’s largest physical asset. Reverence, creativity, technology and whimsy all play an essential role in the representation of the church to the community and the congregation to which it ministers and disciples.