Treat Yo Self!

We spend our days, and often nights, working to help other people. The clients that we serve are out there doing the same for the needs of their clients and customers. Over the past few months we have thought a lot and have decided that a change is necessary so that we can continue to improve the services that we provide to our clients.

Options for improvement are numerous. Technology can be improved, staff can be added, our website can be further refined. While all of these things are helpful, they aren’t very impactful. How did we decide to make an impact?

We are opening a new office!

Some of you may have seen our new location. Our home will be in the heart of downtown Tarpon Springs so that we can be right in the middle of the community action. During various community events, we hope to have the opportunity to invite you in for a visit. You can come by for:

  • First Friday
  • Wine Walk
  • Homecoming
  • VW Car Shows
  • Snow Place

The list goes on!

Hopefully our decision to invest in ourselves has a positive impact on how we can serve our clients, while providing a better connection between us and our community.