home architecture and nature

Your New Home in Harmony with Nature

When building a custom home, you may first think about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Then you may begin thinking about other special needs or features you want in your home. But, how much thought are you putting into what your home will look like on your property? Architects don’t only design a functional interior, but also design homes where the outside compliments nature around it. That is one reason you are always better off choosing a local architect; they can see the property and design your home based on the area.

Choose Colors That Compliment the Environment

Depending on where you are building a home in the Tampa Bay area, this could mean primarily choosing soft colors that coincide with the beaches along the coast or the bright hues of a sunset. Further inland, you may want deep lush greens found in the palms and fruit trees that grow so well here as a primary color. Your secondary color options can be bold or subtle, but should also complement your neighborhood and property.

Situate Your Home for the Best View & Natural Light

One of the easiest ways to bring nature into your home is with windows. As you and your architect begin designing your home, talk about what brings you pleasure at home. Do you enjoy coffee in the morning sun outside? You may want the kitchen and patio to include an easterly exposure. Is there a reason you purchased this particular piece of land? Perhaps a view of a grove of trees, pond or something else you’d like to see while relaxing after a long day? When you choose a local architect, they can walk your property with you and help you visualize where different parts of your home will be and what you’ll see.

Utilize Natural Building Materials

Of course, most homes in Florida are concrete block construction in order to best withstand a hurricane. However, that doesn’t mean a home has to look like it’s made with concrete block. Adding stone to the exterior is a great way to add a natural element to your home’s appearance. Of course, don’t just think about the outside, there are many ways to bring nature inside as well. Hardwood flooring, a stone fireplace, and natural stone countertops and backsplashes and, of course, shells and sea glass are a few ways to include nature in your home. When you’re ready to move in, consider live plants inside as well as native plants outside.

Let Sandbar Architecture Collaborate with You

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