myths and architects

5 Myths About Architects

As experienced architects, it’s always interesting to hear what people think about our profession. Most people know that we go to college and most of us have neat handwriting. However, some of the things that people assume they know about architects is far from accurate. We thought we’d help you know the facts.

Myth #1 – My Contractor Can Do What I Need

All builders need plans. Not just any plans, but multiple sets of detailed plans. The contractor you’ve hired needs to know what you expect the building, or space in the case of a remodel, to look like. They also need to know where the windows, doors, electric, and plumbing go. Architects don’t just create one set of plans, there may be up to a dozen different plans depending on the project. Your contractor needs every one of those to do the job right, not only to your specifications, but also to code.

Myth #2 – Architects Work Alone

Architects do spend time alone creating the space you want and need; however, they meet with many other people throughout the project. In addition to the time they spend with the person commissioning the plans, they also meet with permitting agencies, municipal officials, engineers, contractors, and others depending on the type of project. Rarely does a true introvert succeed as an architect as they must be able to communicate effectively to individuals and large groups alike.

Myth #3 – All Architects are the Same

Although in order to be a licensed architect in Florida, one must graduate from an accredited program with their degree in architecture, that’s not all. In addition, they must also:

  • Complete a qualifying experience program (similar to an internship or apprenticeship)
  • Pass the Architectural Registration Examination
  • Commit to continuing education in a variety of related areas including Florida Building Codes

However, from there architects are different. Some specialize in commercial properties. Others work to create energy efficient homes. Still others choose to specialize in remodeling. When it comes time to choose an architect to work on your project, make sure to find experienced architects who create in the style you like and the type of space you need.

Myth #4 – All Architects are Men

We admit that even at our firm, the architects are men, but because we work with so many other people (see Myth #2 above), there are both men and women on the full team involved with our projects. Also, over the past decade, more women have entered architecture programs. It’s a great field for anyone who wants to put their creative skills to work while also applying science and math.

Myth #5 – Architects are Rich

This is one of our favorites and one we wish were true. Although we have to go to college, pay for ongoing exams and continuing education just like a doctor or lawyer, we don’t make that kind of money. In fact, an entry level architect makes about what an experienced nurse or school teacher makes, around $40,000 a year. Over time, and with experience, we average between $75,000 and $100,000 in salary. We hope you enjoyed this authentic look at architects.

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