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Resources for Home Design Ideas

Building a custom home and remodeling a home are both big undertakings. Not only do you have to find an architect and designer with whom you want to work, but you need to be able to articulate your home design ideas, wants and needs. It’s easy to express how many bedrooms and that you want a lot of natural light or that you need a larger kitchen, however, conveying style preferences can be more difficult. As a local architecture company who works with families on remodeling and new home construction, we know that images help us create just what you’re looking for. Because of that, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite places you can find inspiration for your home.


It’s hard to believe that in less than fifteen years, Houzz has grown from a small website serving a few architecture firms to a world-wide company with over 25 million design ideas contributed by nearly three million professional contractors, remodelers and designers. Whether you’re looking for design inspiration for your interior, exterior or both, Houzz is the place to look. And, you can save your favorite home design ideas to different folders to share with your architect and designer. www.houzz.com/ or download the app.

The Spruce

If you’re looking for inspiration for something specific, like a black and white bathroom or a contemporary kitchen, head to www.thespruce.com. The Spruce has articles from all over the world with images that are easily searchable.

Southern Living

This website is Southern Living Magazine’s online counterpart. You won’t find everything in the magazine here and you won’t find everything here in the magazine, however, there’s a great mix of interior and exterior inspirational images and articles. Just understand that it’s more than just remodeling and home design ideas. www.southernliving.com


You’ll either love Pinterest or feel like you’ve ended up at the bottom of an endless hole. You can use Pinterest as a source of inspiration and, in some cases, actually buy some of the products you see through their Product Pins. The downside is that it is so much more than just home related. You can find recipes and just about anything else there. One aspect we appreciate, however, is if you search kitchen remodeling for example, you’ll be given not only images of remodeled kitchens, but also some suggestions of how to filter the massive amount of search results. You can save or “pin” things that appeal to you. www.pinterest.com or download the app.


Admittedly, this isn’t really a website. However, if you understand how hashtags work, you’ll have a lot of images to browse. But, what we love about Instagram is almost everyone already has an account. When you find something you love, you can usually share it with others for their opinion. If you don’t want to share it, simply screenshot and save the image to share later.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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