questions to ask your residential architect

Questions to Ask a Potential Residential Architect

No matter the size of your home renovation or new custom home, you should work with a local and licensed residential architect. As you look for the right one for your project, you should interview them to get a feel of their style, services and experience. Here are some questions to ask that will help you find the best architecture firm for your needs.

1. Have You Completed a Project Similar in Scope & Style to What I Need?

Each person has their own vision of what their home will look like when completed. The architect you hire should have a similar style to what you want. And, it’s essential that they also have experience in a project that is the same size and budget as yours.

2. What is Your Fee Structure?

This is a very different question than asking what your project will cost. Some residential architects charge per project, others base it on square feet of the home, while some charge an hourly rate. A few even charge a percentage of the total build cost. Depending on your project, one fee structure may be better for you than another.

3. What do You Include in Your Fees?

No matter how many images of your dream space you provide or how detailed you are in explaining to your architect in your initial meetings, chances are you’re going to need revisions. Some residential architects include a few revisions and then charge for each additional revision beyond that. Some include helping you bid out the project, working with your designer, obtaining permits and submitting designs to the homeowner’s association. As long as both parties are clear on what the fees include, everyone is happy at the end of the project.

4. Are You Available to Help My Contractor Should They Have an Issue with the Plans?

Any good residential architect stands behind their work as conforming with building codes. However, sometimes between execution and build-out, things change. Other times there are unforeseen issues in one area of the plan. When that happens, your architect and contractor should be able to communicate directly with one another to solve the problem.

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