restaurant layout and architecture

How Layout Impacts Your Restaurant

If you ask someone what they like best about their favorite restaurant, they’ll likely talk about the exceptional food, a favorite dish, or possibly a great server. Sometimes people talk about the ambiance. Chances are good they never talk about how the restaurant is laid out. Whether they notice the layout or not, it does impact the restaurant and that is how an architect can help.

The Right Layout in the Dining Room Impacts the Overall Business

Whether you are building a new restaurant, utilizing an existing space, or even remodeling a space that was another restaurant previously, the layout is one of the most important aspects of the design. You want to fit enough tables and the right size tables to be profitable. However, you don’t want diners to feel that they are on top of each other. They also don’t want every word overheard by the next table. Other things to discuss with your architect include:

  • Natural light and how it may impact diners.
  • Entrances and exits including those for to-go orders, patio tables, staff, and deliveries.
  • How your servers will move throughout the space, even during the dinner rush.
  • Whether to include a bar area.
  • Size and location of your waiting room and restrooms.

A Restaurant’s Kitchen Layout Is Vastly Different Than a Home’s Layout

Residential kitchens are generally designed around the kitchen triangle of the stove, sink and refrigerator. Commercial kitchens need a lot more space. Enough prep area and cooking space are essential. You also need lots of storage for fresh, frozen, refrigerated, and shelf stable items. It must be easy for team members to have access to what they need and when they need it to operate at peak efficiency. Talk to any seasoned server and they’ll add that the kitchen should be easy to get into and out of quickly without crashing into another server.

Utilize the Help of an Architect

Even if you are remodeling an existing restaurant, you should call an architect with experience in restaurant, bar, café, breweries, or whatever type of hospitality business you’re creating. Sandbar Architecture has helped many restaurant owners create a beautiful, functional and successful space that diners remember not only for the delicious food and drinks, but also for how they felt while dining. Call (727) 308-1773 or click here to schedule your initial consultation to learn more about the team at Sandbar Architecture.