multigenerational home design

Multigeneration Home Design

As more families, out of desire or necessity, embrace the idea of multiple generations under one roof, the type of space one needs changes. However, multigeneration home design isn’t a one size fits all proposition. Many factors go into a home design for multiple generations. Zoning, land and budget play a part in home design. However, more importantly, the family member’s ages, mobility and how many people in the home, do as well. By sharing with your architect as much detail about your family now and what you expect in the future, you can can create the right space for your needs.

Separate Living or True Multigeneration Home?

There are two common options for multigeneration home design. One is creating a large living space with two master suites. The second is planning a separate studio or one-bedroom apartment-like space within the home. Some people feel that the apartment-like space gives older family members a greater sense of independence. For other families, the reason they want a multigeneration home is to spend time together.

Things to Think About Besides Layout

As you and your architect get further into design, you’ll begin to discuss details within the space. A home with more than five or six people has different requirements, no matter what the layout. A few things to think about include:

  • Interior wall insulation – Insulation isn’t just to keep a home comfortable, it also insulates against sound. You may want to add insulation in the interior walls to aid in privacy.
  • Hot water – With more people you’ll either want a larger water heater or a tankless one to ensure everyone has hot water when they need it.
  • Parking – Depending on how many people drive, you may need a wide driveway or a three or four car garage.
  • Heating & air conditioning – There are many options for HVAC, you can choose separate units for the home or even consider a mini-split system to allow everyone to set their living spaces at a comfortable temperature.

Let Sandbar Architects Create the Ideal Multigenerational Home for You

No matter which option you choose, we recommend that our clients think not only about their family today, but also how it may look five or ten years in the future. We would be happy to share with you some of our ideas for multigeneration home design during our initial consultation. Schedule yours today by clicking here or calling (727) 308-1773 today.