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Trust a Commercial Architect with Your Spa Design

Whether you’re opening a full-service spa with massage, facials, hair and nails, or a salon that offers all types of hair services, you want to make a good first impression. That happens the moment someone drives by or walks up to your salon. However, you want to keep the customers coming back. You must ensure that everyone has an exceptional experience. The two elements that go into someone’s experience are the service and how they feel inside the space. With the help of a commercial architect, your spa or salon can feel inviting, relaxing, luxurious, and peaceful from the moment your clients walk in the door.

Getting Started

The first thing you and your commercial architect should do is talk about the services you plan on offering. That will, in part, determine the amount of space you need. Whether you are building a new space or leasing and finishing an existing space, your budget will likely be the next part of the conversation. It helps if you have pictures of spaces and places that appeal to you or project a similar vibe that you’re looking for.

Can’t My Builder Just Renovate the Space?

Maybe, but you could be putting your business at risk. Although contractors generally know commercial building codes, they don’t always know codes related to all industries. With the help of a commercial architect experienced in the salon and spa industries, your space will meet all of the specific code requirements related to your services. For example, some nail and hair services require specific ventilation. You may need certain square footage in massage rooms or clearance around certain types of equipment. Working with a contractor only may mean missing somethings and being prohibited form opening until fixes are made, both of which will cost you more money.

Reducing Sound

In day spas with many different services, noise is often a concern. Two elements can help. First, place reception and the waiting area away from the quietest services. Second, your commercial architect indicates where your builder should utilize insulation for sound proofing.

Sandbar Architecture Can Help

We’ve helped salon and spa owners with remodeling to make better use of existing space, to bring a salon into this decade, and we also help create new spas from the ground up or finishing existing spaces. We understand everything from flow, to sound and, of course, creating the right ambiance. Click here to request a no obligation consultation or call (727) 308-1773 today.