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Steps to a Successful Church Renovation

When your building lacks the right space or feels dated, you may wonder if the right option is to find a new facility. If it is still the right size for you congregation, consider a church renovation. With the help of a skilled architect, an engineer, designer and contractors, you may be able to remake your space for a fraction of what new construction costs. However, to do it right, you need to research and plan.

Talk to Your Leadership Team & Congregation

This shouldn’t be a one or two week process, in fact, it has several steps. We recommend:

  1. Share that a remodel is on the horizon.
  2. Give your congregation some time to provide input about what they love or wish were different about the space.
  3. Once you have the data, share with a smaller focus group.
  4. Create a list of the ideas your focus group thinks are needed and ones they hope can fit in a budget.
  5. Talk to other churches that are your size, find out what they wish they had or recently added. Ask to tour their space.

Once you have ideas for your needs and wants for your church renovation then it’s time to take the next step.

Find an Architect Experienced in Church Renovations

Houses of worship differ from virtually all other commercial buildings. They also differ from one type of church to another. As you interview architecture firms, find out who has experience designing and renovating churches. They will have the best advice and resources for all the things you’ll need inside your sanctuary and other spaces.

Develop a Project Plan & Budget

Capital campaigns are the primary funding source churches need to expand or remodel. That often means that funds come in over time. It can be helpful to plan your church renovation in phases. Your architect can split the project into phases that make sense in the space and have realistic budgets that help the congregation see what changes can happen with each funding goal achieved. Keep in mind that you should always have at least an additional 10% of the cost of each phase for overage or unexpected issues that come up. That will help you keep on budget.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, especially in a phased renovation, items planned become no longer available. And, sadly, sometimes what we originally wanted and budgeted for has a prohibitive price increase making it no longer a good option for your budget. This is where you and your team need to be flexible. It’s also where your architect can help ensure that the changes that must occur work with the overall vision.

Sandbar Architecture Has Experience in Church Renovation Projects

Our team can help you with a major or minor church renovation. As ecclesiastical architects, we know the importance today of flexible spaces, welcoming children’s ministry spaces, and areas for fellowship. If you would like to schedule a consultation, click here or call us at (727) 308-1773.