craft distillery architecture and interior design

Craft Distillery Design Considerations

Unlike many commercial spaces we plan as an architecture firm, those we do for craft distilleries vastly differ from one another. That’s because each craft distillery owner has a different vision and plans for the customer experience. Some plan that the distillery is a destination with tours and tastings. Others see their space as a gathering space with a tasting room, bar, or full-service restaurant. Once you know what you want and what local laws allow, you are ready to talk with your architect and begin your craft distillery design.

Know the Process Flow, While Keeping Safety in Mind

Any brewery or distillery has a process. We like to remind our clients that process starts with raw materials. That means you need an easy access point for supply deliveries and storage. Ideally, products leave your facility too. That means you need to be able to get them out without impeding the flow of or endangering workers or tours. Plus, your local code may require different ventilation and fire suppression depending on what you’re making and storing.

Plan for Flexibility

As much as you’ve put into your business plan as far as production quantity, with the rate that craft distilleries are growing, there is a good chance that yours could grow quickly. Does your craft distillery design allow you to double or even triple your planned production? Do you have the space to add to your production line or rearrange it so that you can create as much product as you need? How and where you place your equipment will impact your ability to grow.

Ask Yourself if Tours Are the Right Option

You want your customers to see the process to encourage them to purchase product. However, there are several ways to make that happen. Tours are fun and informative but require an additional staff member which could cut into profits. Another option, especially if you are planning a bar or restaurant, is to make the distillery the focal point of the space. Train your staff on the process so they can answer questions individually to patrons. Adding a glass wall between your customers and distillery is another option. You can then offer self-guided tours with audio-visual information.

Work With an Architecture Firm Experienced in Craft Distillery Spaces

By working with an architecture firm who has experience in craft distillery design you can have a space that works for you long-term. Sandbar Architecture is that team. They understand the various needs of distilleries, bars and restaurants so no matter the type of space you want, Sandbar can take your vision from an idea to paper to reality. Schedule your initial consultation by calling (727) 308-1773 or click here to book an appointment online.