keys in the door to your dream home

Getting Started on Your Dream Home Design

If 2024 is the year you start working on your dream home design, your next step should be choosing an architect. It takes some research to find the right one – if you’re not sure what questions to ask during your search, click here for some suggestions. Once you choose your architecture firm, they’ll begin asking questions, offering suggestions, and answering your questions. Here are some things that you’ll need to have some answers to in your first few meetings.


When it comes to building a dream home, or even remodeling an existing home into your dream home, your budget determines what will and won’t be possible. There are ways to stretch a budget, such as choosing lower end finishes or eliminating a few windows.

Home Style

The style you want for your home is a great place to start. The exterior and interior styles should complement one another. Your new home’s location may mean you need to stick to a particular style or color scheme. Know what those are before getting too far into the design process so you don’t waste time and money.

Know Your Needs

One of the biggest benefits of working with an architect is that you can include what you need (and want) in your dream home design. Having a list of your needs helps your architect know where to start. Have a list with as much detail as possible. You should include, at a minimum:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • If you need bedrooms on the main floor (if it is a multi-story home)
  • How many full baths and half baths
  • Whether you need handicap accessible bathrooms or to the home overall
  • Is an office a necessity?
  • A formal dining room and if so, the size of table you have

Of course, in addition to your needs, a wish list is also a good idea, however, you’ll likely work through that a little later in the process.

Find Examples and Share Them

One of the best ways to get as close to your dream home design quickly is to provide examples of what you love. It’s also helpful if you have examples of what you don’t like. This is especially important if what you don’t like is part of a trend.

Communicate Freely

It’s not at all unusual for it to take several attempts by your architect to get to the point where you see your dream home design on paper. Don’t be afraid to be honest in your feedback. Share what you like, love, and don’t like about the design each step of the way.

Still Looking for an Architect for Your Dream Home Design?

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