SBA.GR.0122 Why Do I Need An Architect

Why Do I Need an Architecture Firm?

You may be surprised at all an architecture firm does before the general contractor can begin his work on your building, for your home or business. In fact, architects are helpful in more than just new building construction, they also help with repurposing or remodeling of buildings and homes. Let’s, however, for this article, talk about why you need an architect for your new facility or home.

We Help You Get the Most for Your Budget – For the Long Term

Whether you need a new space because you’re tired of renting, your existing building is too small or another reason, you have a budget for your new structure. Your architecture firm has the education, experience and tools to create the right space for your needs. And, they know which building materials are best for the area. Beyond just creating your new space, they also create an environment that works for your home or business.

Construction Plans Are More Complicated Than Just Floor Plans

With a little know-how you can draw what you want the interior of your space to look like. However, your architect does much more than just create the layout of your new space. In fact, there are multiple sets of plans. Depending on the project and its scope, there can be over 40 different sets of plans for one project. Some include:

  • Exterior Elevation
  • Site Plan
  • Working Plan
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Technology
  • Landscaping

In many of the different plans the architect follows strict building codes that you may not be aware of. Most cities require submission of at least the exterior elevation, landscaping and building footprint in relation to the lot prior to approving a construction permit. Depending on jurisdiction, there are multiple permits and permit review agencies that need to be accommodated. For example, you may also need electrical plans for the electric permit which is separate from the construction permit. You may need a zoning permit, heritage district approvals, historic district approvals, a stormwater permit, a sanitary permit, and others based on your location and project.

Can’t My General Contractor Create What They Need?

Admittedly, every general contractor is different. However, few general contractors have an architect on staff. Even those with an architect on staff rarely have one with experience in many different types of buildings. Working with an architecture firm brings you the added benefit of a building that’s created for your needs, not something similar to another space they created.

Sandbar Architecture Is Ready to Help You

As a local architecture firm, we know the state and local building codes and even community requirements for new construction. We also have team members experienced in repurposing existing buildings. And, if you’re a general contractor looking to partner with a professional architecture firm, we’re ready to help. Give us a call at (727) 308-1773 or book an appointment and tell us more about your new building needs and we’ll share how we think we can help.