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Architect and Interior Designer: Different Roles, Shared Goal

If you’re looking to design a custom home, you’ll want to hire both an architect and interior designer even before you hire a builder or contractor. Although they share the same goal to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional home, they have different roles in the process.

The Architect’s Role

Your architect’s role is to create plans for the construction of your new home. The plans will include everything you want and need in the space. Your architect will talk to you about things beyond just how many bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet. They make sure the flow of the home works and that it meets all building codes in addition to having the things you want where you want them. Think of them as the structural and functional designers.

The Designer’s Role

Your interior designer makes sure the colors, style and features you choose for your home complement each other and the space itself. They guide you with things like where to put cabinets and where to install drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms. They can help you choose the right window styles and color as well as door style and hardware, flooring, and light fixtures. Your designer needs to be involved from early on in the process to ensure that things like wiring is properly designed to handle the light fixtures you want and windows are properly located to work with your furnishings.

Their Joint Goal

Together your architect and interior designer want you to have a space that is functional, meets your needs, and looks great, both inside and outside. Most people designing and building a custom home are more satisfied with the finished design when they involve an architect and interior designer from the earliest phase of the project. Many architects have designers they refer their clients to and designers have architects they frequently work with because they need each other.

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