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How to Choose a Commercial Architect

Whether you’re designing and building a new facility from scratch, remodeling an existing space, or adding onto your building, you need a commercial architect. Choose the wrong one and you may not have the functional space you need. When you choose the right one, you will likely love the space and it will serve you well for many years. Just how do you go about finding the right commercial architecture firm? Here are some tips from our professionals.

Ask Others in Your Industry or Those with Similar Needs

Although there are many architecture firms who could help you with your new building, finding a commercial architect familiar with your industry and needs benefits your project. Don’t just ask who they used, be specific with your questions, ask: Did they communicate well? Did they meet your timelines? Were they available and responsive after they provided the final blueprints?

Do Your Own Research

There are many ways you can find a commercial architect yourself. Simply searching online for local commercial architect or commercial architecture firm near me will provide you with some local companies. You may even want to dig deeper and utilize a search term that includes your type of building or industry like, such as worship center architects or restaurant architects. Once you have a few names, both from referrals and your own research, dig a little deeper. Check out their online reputation for reviews. Look at their website for projects similar to yours.

Interview Several

Even if someone you trust highly recommends one firm, make sure you interview several companies. Just because the firm your trusted friend gave you was a great fit for them, doesn’t mean they’re the right commercial architecture firm for your project. During your meetings, consider whether they have the experience with the type of facility you need. Decide how you feel about their ability to provide you with what you need in your timeline. Once you think you’ve found the right commercial architect for your project, call their references or other building owners whose building they worked on. Speaking with others who have previously worked with them may help you decide if they are the right firm for you.

Sandbar Architects Wants to Be Your Commercial Architect

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