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Design Tips for a Modern Church

Whether your congregation is big or small, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable in the space. No longer do you walk into the vestibule and continue on into the sanctuary all within just a few feet. Church architecture has changed in part because of technology and also how we worship and congregate at church. As you and your team work with an architect on your new worship center, you need to consider how you want to modernize and meet the needs of your congregation.

Envision and Discuss What an Ideal Sunday Morning Looks Like

Church architecture has many variables and options. Being able to clearly share what a typical Sunday morning will look like with your architects will help them create a space that is welcoming and meets your needs. It will also help them understand important elements you need like check-in stations for childcare, a café or coffee bar, prayer room, guest welcome center, lobby seating, and of course the size and flexibility you need in the main worship space.

Design Spaces with Multiple Purposes

Some would say this is a trend, however, it’s a cost effective one and it makes sense. You want to have the space you need, when you need it. A few examples of multipurpose spaces include:

  • Secondary worship space that doubles as a gym
  • Fellowship hall that can be used as a meeting place during the week for small or large groups
  • Children’s ministry space that works for Mother’s Day Out and preschool programs
  • Conference rooms that include storage for outreach programs such as a food pantry or back to school supply assistance

Truly modern church architecture allows even your main sanctuary to work for more than just Saturday night or Sunday morning worship.

Plan for Future Technology

Technology is an integral part of a modern worship service. Today most churches utilize video projectors, live streaming, and of course sound and lighting like never before. Many change the stage with each sermon series. Make sure that you have sufficient power and audio inputs to accommodate your needs today and in the future.

Trust Sandbar Architecture with Your New Church

Large or small, traditional or modern, we know church architecture. We can help you design a space that fits on your property, that’s within your budget, and that suits your needs today and into the future. Call us today for your initial consultation at (727) 308-1773 or book a time online.