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Building a Custom Home? Hire a Residential Architect

Building a custom home is a huge undertaking. You get to decide what you want in every aspect. However, without some guidance and expertise of a residential architect, you may miss out on little things that will make your home even more perfect for you.  Here are just a few of the many reasons you want an experienced architect helping you.

They See the Big Picture

Although you may be focused on having the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home, a residential architect does much more. In addition to making sure you have what you want and need, they consider the land the home will be on. They know code and make sure all the spaces in your home meet current code. And, they create a functional layout so the rooms inside flow together well.

Your Architect Helps You Stay Within Budget

Once you approve the overall design and layout of the home, there are countless other decisions ahead. Your residential architect can guide you to the best building materials based on your budget, home design and the location. As you select various elements for the home, you may be surprised at how much an extra door or an oversized window can add to your budget. Your architect can help you stay within budget by recommending alternative products or options you may not be aware of.

Architects Coordinate with Builders and Designers

Most people planning a custom home do not realize how many different plans your builder needs to build the home. Not only is there the layout and front elevation, which are the two the homeowners are most familiar with, but many more all with specific details needed by the sub-contractors. Your architect can answer questions and provide those plans. Most architecture firms also have designers they work with to help you with selecting cabinets, paint colors, shingles, and everything else that finishes the look of your home.

Looking for a Residential Architect? Call Sandbar Architecture

Whether you’re only in the dream about it phase of your custom home or you have a home site and are planning the home, you should hire a residential architect. Sandbar Architecture has an experienced team ready to help you create a home that you’ll love. Call us today at (727) 308-1773 or click here to schedule your initial consultation.