building a custom home

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Custom Home

Most people choose to work with an architecture firm and build a custom home when they want their forever home. They put a great deal of thought into many aspects. However, almost everyone we’ve talked to who has built a custom home in the past has had something they wished they did differently. Here are the top three.

Rushing the Design Process

You may have a date you want to be in your home, however, the more time you spend with your architecture firm and designer up front, the fewer changes you’ll try to make during the process. That helps keep your build on schedule. You’ll also likely be happier with the finished process if you carefully think through the layout, design and spaces you’re creating.


In an ideal world, construction material prices would hold steady during your build. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Another issue homeowners run into is when the tile or appliances a homeowner chooses during the design process are discontinued. That can mean you have to compromise your design or choose something that costs more. There are also times when you just change your mind about something that requires more time and materials which equals more money. That’s why we recommend homeowners leave between 10 and 20% in their budget for these issues and changes.

Choosing the Wrong Architecture Firm

Although all architects must graduate from an accredited architecture school and pass exams for their license, that doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. Some architecture firms are highly commercially focused which would not be a good choice for a custom home. You also want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the architecture firm you choose. Ask to see other designs similar to the style you want. Take note of how they listen in your initial conversation. Do you feel comfortable that they are the team to help you create the home of your dreams? If not, then they are not the right architecture firm for you.

Let the Experienced Team at Sandbar Architecture Help

As an experienced architecture firm, we work hard to help you avoid having any regrets in your future home’s layout and design. Whether you’re looking to build your forever home or want to create a home that’s right for your family today, call us at (727) 308-1773 or click here to schedule an initial consultation.