craft brewery in action & architecture

Brewery Architecture 101

Whether you’ve been creating craft beer in your home or garage or you’ve successfully opened other breweries, you know that the process takes time, tools and space. If this is your first commercial venture, there is a lot more to consider regarding your brewery architecture and design than you may realize. As a commercial architecture firm, it’s our job to guide you through the process to help ensure that your space suits your needs today and well into the future.

Behind the Scenes

The elements of your brewery’s architecture that you are likely most concerned about are those that your customers will see. However, what they don’t see is just, if not more, important. Two examples are power and water. Breweries and distilleries utilize a great deal of both. If you are planning on moving into an existing space, you and your architect need to evaluate the existing infrastructure and decide what additions will be necessary. Your budget could be impacted if significant additions are necessary. Also, don’t overlook what you need for packing equipment and storage space for both supplies and inventory.

Which Comes First? Space or Equipment

There are arguments for both. If you have your mind set on a certain manufacturer’s materials, start with their dimensions and then work on the space. However, if you are renovating an existing space, you and your architect should talk about space constraints which could influence the equipment or its layout. Don’t just think about equipment circumference, but also the height and how you’ll be able to get it into an existing building and set it up.


What are you planning on offering in your craft brewery (or distillery)? Depending on local laws, you may or may not be able to sell alcohol without selling food. If you are offering a full menu, you’ll need the space for a commercial kitchen as well. That may change your overall brewery architecture plan. Some areas allow a craft brewery or distillery to sell inventory to take home while others do not. If you can sell it, where will it be stored? Do you need a commercial refrigerator near the exit or will your servers bring it from the kitchen?

At Sandbar Architecture We’re Experts in Craft Brewery & Distillery Architecture

If you’re ready to get started on the layout of your new brewery or distillery, we’re ready to help. Distillery and brewery architecture is both a passion and area of expertise of our team. Let us talk to you about your plans and how we are the right choice no matter what type of space you want. Call (727) 308-1773 to schedule a no-obligation consultation or click here to schedule online.